Flu and cold season.... ugh

Feb 28th 2020

 So, flu season is in full swing and has hit the O'Neal household over the past few weeks right in the middle of goat baby season... how inconvenient right?!? I do want to share how CBD has he … read more
Where has January gone?

Where has January gone?

Jan 30th 2020

Whew if you're like us January has blown by. We have been busy at the store and have been diligently working on the website, social media and new products. We are looking at some excited things for 20 … read more

First Manic Monday of 2020

Jan 6th 2020

We are on day 6 of the new year! It's the first Monday of the year. For some that means going to back to school. For some it means a new work week. For us it means the start of youth fair week. For th … read more
New year, New you ....or ???

New year, New you ....or ???

Jan 2nd 2020

So, day 1 of 2020 is in the books. I was very productive here. Finished up some new products and even completed inventory.... Inventory is a ridiculous process I must come up with a better solution … read more
Cannabis is not about the high!

Cannabis is not about the high!

Jan 1st 2020

Some people may think I'm crazy for saying this but it's true. For many people cannabis is about the healing benefits these plants have to offer. People want to feel better. We want to not hurt physic … read more